Does Pelvic Asymmetry always Mean Pathology? Analysis of Mechanical Factors Leading to the Asymmetry

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Rafal Gnat, Edward Saulicz, Maciej Bialy, Patryk Klaptocz

Pelvic asymmetry is a phenomenon of dual character. Some describe it in terms of pathology, whereas others report that pelvic asymmetry also occurs in healthy subjects. A group of 321 subjects showing symmetrical alignment of the pelvis were involved in the study. Different forms of mechanical loads (jumps, resistance exercises of selected muscle groups) were tested for their ability to alter the configuration of the lower girdle. A hand inclinometer was used to measure pelvic asymmetry in standing. Asymmetrical configuration of the pelvis appears frequently as a consequence of mechanical loading of the lower girdle. It was registered in 25.08% of our study group. The greatest capacity to introduce pelvic asymmetry ap-peared in cases of asymmetrical loads that were applied in a form of so-called ‘mechanical shock’ (i.e., a force with great impulse). From this viewpoint, pelvic asymmetry should be regarded as a physiologic adaptative alteration of the locomotory system to transmission of asymmetrical mechanical loads.
DOI 10.2478/v10078‐09‐0003‐8
Key words
pelvic asymmetry, functional asymmetry, lumbo‐pelvo‐hip complex

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