Types of articles

The journal publishes research papers, reviews, case studies, short communications, letters to the editor, and editorials. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must contain novel data on theoretical or experimental research or on practical applications in the field of sports sciences. No substantial part of the submission should have been published elsewhere. Submitted papers undergo double-blind peer reviewing. Authors are encouraged to provide names of 3 potential competent reviewers who were not recent co-authors or collaborators and are familiar with the subject of the manuscript. The names of the potential reviewers must be accompanied by their e-mail addresses, affiliations, and information on the research areas.

 Research Papers:  Theoretical or experimental (basic or applied) research or practical applications. Either original work or the replication of work that better establishes basic principles will be considered. Original articles should not exceed 16 pages (1800 characters per page) including tables, figures, and references. The structure to be followed includes an Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions with Practical Implications.

 Reviews:  Review articles on topics of broad interest are desirable; they are usually invited, yet they may be also proposed by competent authors. Review articles should not exceed 25 pages including tables, figures, and references. Review articles are considered by the Editors and expert referees before a final decision regarding publication is made.
Case Studies: Case studies consist of detailed and in-depth examination (including all types of interventions) of a particular subject (an athlete), and the following outcomes. They highlight new or uncommon conditions. The structure to be considered includes an Abstract, Keywords, an Introduction, a Case Description, a Discussion, and Conclusion.

 Short Communications:  These are short manuscripts containing results of unusual scientific interest and importance, requiring rapid publication. Papers submitted for this accelerated process must require little or no revision. Accompanying the submission, there should be a letter from the authors stating why they feel the paper should be published as a rapid communication. The manuscripts in such cases should not exceed 5 journal pages including figures, tables, and references. Manuscripts rejected as Short Communications are eligible for submission as regular articles.

 Letters to the Editors:  They are a type of open post-publication review of a previously published paper, usually discussing some controversial aspects of the original paper. Depending on the time of submission of the letter to the editors, it may be published along with the original work under discussion as open peer commentary. The decision about the publication of such a letter is up to the editor-in-chief.

 Editorials:  These short articles are non-peer-reviewed texts written by members of the Editorial Board. Editorials may announce a special issue, describe policy issues relevant to the journal, inform about the launch of a new article type, etc. Their aim is to keep the readers up to date with important issues related to the journal.