Sports Media in Turkey: A Sample on the University Students

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Leyla Tavacioglu

Sport has an important place among the basic factors of “modern life” in the 21st century. The governments and sources of power, which shape and direct the society, produce and promote all kinds of goods and politics by using sports as a medium in a mechanism that embraces the whole life. This both creates a large area of movement for these power sources and also makes it possible to give the target audiences an unlimited area of freedom. Sport, as a social institution, has close and intense interactions with other social institutions like family, education, economy and media. Media has become an irreplaceable part of our social lives, especially with the effect of technological developments. Many social scientists have, in their researches, questioned the effects of mass communication vehicles on personal and social life , and tried to explain the individual and social behavior models by using sociological and socio-psychological approaches. Media and sport are indeed structures, which influence and nurture each other. However, in Turkey, one cannot claim that the broadcasting policy of the sport media has developed by consciously following the sports agenda. Objective: In this study it was aimed to show the degree of interest in, and consumption of, the sports media in Turkey. Material and Method: 400 students who study at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Marmara University (MU) have participated in our study. The study comprised of students who are active and inactive in sports. The survey included 46 questions on all sports branches (e.g. volleyball, basketball, winter sports, summer sports).The results have been reached by evaluating the survey on students’ interest in sports, and their consumption of sports media.
DOI 10.2478/v10078‐09‐0014‐5
Key words
sport, modern life, society, sport media

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