Selected Factors Influencing the Level of General Fitness in Elite Greco-Roman Wrestlers

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Sterkowicz S. Starosta W.

The problem of level general fitness in wrestlers was investigated by many scientists, but in few papers factors influencing it were analyzed. The purpose of this study was to capture the kinetics of changes in general fitness as well as their age-dependent diversity, training experience, weight and the type body type as well as the sports level of the wrestlers. 61 elite Greco-Roman wrestling contestants (15 to 33 years of age and 2 to 20 years of training experience) were examined. The average body height equaled 173.14 cm, whereas body mass – 73.47 kg. ANOVA was used to analyze the differences in results of physical fitness (Starosta, 1985). The following factors were taken into account: A. age, B. training experience, C. body mass, D. body type, and E. sports level. The age influenced the results of speed, strength and endurance tests. Training experience significantly affected the achievements in strength tests and strength endurance trials. Body mass affected local endurance of arm and trunk muscles. The pyknic body type was inversely related to aerobic endurance. The sports level clearly differentiated the results of strength endurance of arm and trunk muscles, whose function is extremely important in wrestling. The monitoring of general fitness and the analysis of individual physical fitness profiles in comparison with those of the group revealed stronger and weaker aspects of the state of preparation of the wrestlers.
Key words
wrestling, physical fitness, motor abilities

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