Could Vibration Training Be an Alternative to Resistance Training in Reversing Sarcopenia?

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Niewiadomski W., Cardinale M., Gasiorowska A., Cybulski G., Karuss B., Strasz A.

Age dependent loss of strength and muscle mass, termed sarcopenia, worsens normal functioning of the elderly, increases the risk of fall and finally leads to the loss of their independence. Sarcopenia is also closely linked to age-related losses in bone mineral density, basal metabolic rate and increased body fat content. Resistance training may reverse sarcopenia at any age. It may also reduce associated abnormalities. However, a safe and effective resistance exercise program requires complex exercises and close supervision, and quite a lot of time before any significant effect can be seen. A novel form of exercise based upon the application of sinusoidal vibrations to the whole body (WBV), can enhance force generating capacity in humans. Recently it has been demonstrated that vibration training can induce skeletal muscle strength increase similarly to that seen after resistance training, both in young and elderly persons. Conflicting results concerning the effectiveness of VT in improving muscle strength, as well as bone mineral density could be related to insufficient intensity of VT applied in some studies. Knowledge on various aspects of physiological response to effective VT is at present very scarce, therefor well-founded decision as to whether VT could be an alternative to RT in reversing sarcopenia seems currently premature.
Key words
vibration training, sarcopenia

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