The somatic and motor development of boys and girls from Belorussia and Ukraine aged 7-16

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Rodziewicz J.

Proper values of somatic and motor fitness development indicators are good measurements of health for children and youth during the school age. This phenomenon has been extensively studied in Poland (Przewęda 1994, 1998; Hulanicka et al. 1990; Szopa et al. 1985; Szopa and Arlet 1989; Mleczko 1991; Charzewski, Przewęda 1988; Szopa and Sakowicz 1987). Also well documented is the data related to the environmental influence on biological development. Results of such research project increase insignificance over the last two decades in relation to Central and Eastern European countries which are undergoing political and economical transformation. The political changes in countries of former Soviet Union have allowed for more frequent scientific contacts, common research projects and publications. In 1995 a research project in Lvov (Ukraine) was undertaken by the staff of the Department of the Physical Education in Częstochowa. In 1998 similar research was conducted in Polish school in Grodno (Belorussia). Also evaluated was the biological state of development of children with Polish origin from country regions on Belorussia (Rodziewicz – Gruhn and Tegako 1999). The research performed in Ukraine and Belorussia indicated the significant influence of social stratification on the growth processess of children from different social groups. There was great differentiation in the level of development of pupils from Polish, Ukrainian and Belorussian schools. Significant differences were also registered in the development of school children between Belorussian Polish minorities and the children of the same age from Poland. While interpreting the results of the research projects especially those related to children and youth from Belorussia, significant attention was paid to the ecological disaster of Chernobyl and its health side effect (Rodziewicz – Gruhn and Tegako 1999). The main goal of this paper is the comparison of somatic and motor fitness development of urban children and youth from Ukraine, Belorussia and Poland.
Key words
somatic development, motor fitness, children and youth

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