Influence of number of trials, grip breadth and elbow position on the maximal grip strength

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Ridan T., Pieniazek M., Cieslar G., Berwecki A., Janusz M., Kilar Z.

The aim of this study was to evaluate chosen conditions of global grip strength of people in good health. The study included 70 subjects divided into two groups of 35 people each. Groups were tested in the elbow joint positions of 0° and 90°. A calibrated Jamar dynamometer was used for the study. The arm positions were the same as the standard arm positions recommended by the American Society of Hand Therapists. We analysed the problem how the forearm position, some chosen morphological features and the dynamometer position affected the global grip strength. The authors noted that the highest values of grip strength were most often achieved with the position of resistance beam at the dynamometer level II. The dominant hand was usually stronger and the highest strength value was decidedly registered during the first trial. Results acquired and statistical calculations showed that higher values of strength were noted in such configuration of the upper limb where the elbow joint was straight. The search of dependence between features of body build and grip strength enabled the authors to present a vast matrix of correlation factors.
Key words
grip strength, morphological features, elbow joint position, the Jamar dynamometer

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