Some conditions affecting the level of co-ordination skills and technical abilities in 14-15-year old football players of Szkola Mistrzostwa Sportowego in Krakow

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Zak S.

In 44 pupils of Szkola Mistrzostwa Sportowego training in football (including 24 sons to parents playing in the past in a team sports game and 20 individuals from parents who did not play any sport in the past), the level of selected co-ordination skills was analysed at recruitment to sports forms in the school and the level of technical abilities and playing efficiency after a 6-month training cycle. It has been found out that the level of the analysed parameters in boys of sport families was significantly higher against the group of sons to parents who never played any sport. Moreover, a significant relationship was found out between the level of co-ordination skills and playing technical skills and efficiency. The scope of issued in question may be a basis for more in-depth theoretical considerations and practical applications aimed at modification of the methods of recruitment and selection currently applied in the training practice. Multiple family-related circumstances are noteworthy here.
Key words
youth sport, football

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