The Influence of Increased Intensity Levels on the Attitude of High School Females toward Aerobic Dance Lessons

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Krysztof Skalik, Karel Fromel, Jiri Stelze, Jana Pelclova, Dorota Groffik

Available evidence suggests that interest and participation, especially in vigorous physical activity, declines with age during adolescence. This negative attitude toward vigorous physical activity is especially prevalent among female adolescents. This study investigates how increasing intensity levels of aerobic dance, a popular physical education choice of female students, influence the attitude of female high school students toward the activity. A total of 313 female high school students from eight schools (age 16.32±1.74; weight-kg 53.73±7.58; height-cm 164.37±5.61; BMI-kg/m2 19.87±2.55) participated in the study. Student intensity levels during the aerobic dance lesson were monitored using heart rate monitors, accelerometers and pedometers, and the influence of intensity level on attitude toward aerobic dance was measured by use of a standardized questionnaire. The results clearly show that increasing intensity levels did not diminish the positive attitude of female students toward aerobic dance.
DOI 10.2478/v10078-009-0029-y
Key words
physical intensity, active energy expenditure, monitoring of heart rate, accelerometer, pedometer

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