The Effects of Finish Sauna on Hemodynamics of the Circulatory System in Men and Women

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Tetyana Prystupa, Alicja Wolynska, Jan Slezynski

Finnish sauna is one of the most popular among all the saunas types and as a result is the most commonly used. Bath in the Finnish sauna is a combination of heating with a warm and dry air and the short influence of high hu-midity and cooling with cold water and air. The article aims to identify pulse and blood pressure in the conditions of thermal heating in the sauna among women and men between the age of 20–25. Hypothetically sauna has a great influence on the basic hemodynamic parameters such as pulse and blood pressure. There were 127 healthy, young women and 74 men, students at the University of Physical Education in Wroclaw taking part in the experiment. Average age of the volunteers was 21.5 and 21.7. The results indicate that a bath in the Finnish sauna leads to a significant increase of the pulse among men and women. Concurrently the results show a considerable decrease in diastolic pressure, with the systolic pressure remaining at almost the same level. It can be concluded that a bath in a Finnish sauna positively influences the hemodynamics of blood pressure and pulse. A series of bathes in the Finnish sauna leads to a considerable decrease of the systolic and diastolic pressure and an increase of the pulse among male and female volunteers.
DOI 10.2478/v10078-009-0024-3
Key words
hemodynamics, pulse, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, Finnish sauna

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