Properties of Motor Development in Young Judokas

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Wladyslaw Jagiello, Roman Maciej Kalina

The objective ofthe undertaken study was to determine properties of motor development of 224 judokas aged 11 to 17. The basic criterion for selection of athletes to the experimental group was the conformity of their calendar and biological ages. Measurements of motor abilities were executed based on the International Physical Fitness Test. A control group was provided by results of tests of ca. 200 000 boys who were regularly participating in sport of any type (Pilicz et al. 1993). Through such directed tests it was possible to define the chronology in the rateof motor development among our subjects. Such an analysis had to take into consideration three basic elements: absolute values of testing results, significance of their differences and the rate of annual accruals.
Key words
youth, judo, motor development

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