The Short Review on Protein Markers in Sport and Fitness Exercises

 Article (PDF) 
Agnieszka Borcz, Magdalena Wiacek, Adam Zajac, Daniel Broda, Igor Z. Zubrzycki

In this short review, we tried to elucidate a number of biological markers which, in our opinion, could be of potential use for the sport practice. Obviously, by suggesting this group we are fully aware of the subjectivity of our choice. It must also be stressed that a number of studies on the well-defined group of sportsmen have to be undertaken. Correlation between the levels of markers elucidated, as well as the data, have to be cross-correlated with the fitness level of the studied group. It has also been noticed, that to our knowledge, this is the first attempt ever to create the collection of markers potentially useful in sport practice.
Key words
protein markers, sport, fitness,

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