Sledge as a Useful Method for Assessing Muscle Performance (Apparatus and Methodology)

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Vaverka F., Stromsik P., Elfmark M., Krejci J.

The method of assessment of quality of muscle performance of the lower extremities while producing the take-off called sledge is presented in this study. The system enables to perform the measurement of actions of lower extremities one repetition or repeated different variations of the take-off. The apparatus consists of a mechanical, controlling and assessing part which is controlled by special software. The mechanical part is composed of rails with the possibility to adapt the slope within the range of 0° to 45°, the sliding cart with an inbuilt chair allowing individual adaptation of the trunk position and two kinds of sensors (dynamometry platform and measurement of the trajectory of the cart). The rail slope permits to adapt the load on the tested subject from the magnitude lower than his/her mass to the load exceeding it. The assessment of the quality of the take-off is based on the analyses of the reaction force measured on the force platform (this procedure is demonstrated in this paper) or based on the analyses of the measured trajectory of the moving cart. A total of 28 measured and computed variables describes in detail the time and force course of the movement, the velocity of the movement and track of the cart, work and power. The system can be used as a very precise tool for solving of a high spectrum of scientific problems, training management or as a training device for the improvement of the take-off.
Key words
sledge, take-off, apparatus, measurement, analysis

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