Comparative Analysis of Tapping Indexes in Particular Sport Disciplines

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Machnacz W.

The aim of the conducted research was the assessment of possibilities of performance of movements with maximum frequency by subjects who practice various sport disciplines. The examination of this characteristic with the use of four independent tapping tests resulted from an attempt to evaluate the influence of higher activity requirements and also the structure of movements dependent on the trajectory on their durations. The measurement of frequency of movements was conducted by means of specially created research techniques for which we accepted preliminary and final conditions of tests and we distinctly determined realization of variables of trajectory of movements of upper limbs. The examinations were conducted among the young male subjects (aged 15.6±0.5) recognized as talented in regard to sport. All the subjects were students of sport classes with a training structure specific for a given sport. In order to obtain additional information, we decided to compare the results of handball players, football players and swimmers with a group of students who were not gifted in this direction. Quantitative elaboration of the results was supplemented by the examination of significance of differences between groups by means of non-parametric rank test by H. Kruskal-Wallis and the analysis of concentrations which shows the similarity between groups with regard to the level of the variables in question. As a result of the analysis of the gathered material we noticed that the type of sports specialization which determines the functional load on the upper limbs influences the level of frequency of movements. The level of this characteristic also determined the shape of the trajectory at which this movement was performed.
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