In search of simple methods for evaluation of aerobic endurance in school conditions

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Mynarski W.

According to results of repeated researches, the level of aerobic endurance of contemporary Polish school children has undergone a dangerous decline. It is then necessary to counteract this undesirable tendency in the process of physical education. For evaluation of the level of aerobic endurance runs at various distances were applied. Such measurements are difficult to conduct in the process of physical education due to the lack of running tracks on the customary school sport fields. This paper assesses the eligibility of a 8-minute run on the handball sports field with an asphalt surface, both “shuttle run” and “8-shap run”, to diagnose the endurance. Testing of over 3000 girls and boys, aged 10-18, have proven adequate reliability and selectivity of the proposed measuring tools, as well as their high accuracy and economics in the diagnosis of aerobic endurance of school children.
Key words
aerobic endurance, motor abilities diagnosis, endurance tests,

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