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December 2019

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Physiological responses and swimming technique during upper limb critical stroke rate training in competitive swimmers
Yuki Funai, Masaru Matsunami, Shoichiro Taba

Hematological, hormonal and fitness indices in youth swimmers: gender-related comparisons
Guang Cai, Jun Qiu, Shuai Chen, Qile Pan, Xunzhang Shen, Jie Kang

Effects of far-infrared emitting ceramic material clothing on recovery after maximal eccentric exercise
Renan Felipe Hartmann Nunes, Naiandra Dittrich, Rob Duffield, Marilia Cavalcante Serpa, Tiago Coelho, Daniel Fernandes Martins, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci Guglielmo

Different cleat models do not influence side hop test performance of soccer players with and without chronic ankle instability
Diogo C. F. Silva, Rubim Santos, Jo?o Paulo Vilas-Boas, Rui Macedo, António Mesquita Montes, Andreia S. P. Sousa

Analysis of match dynamics of different soccer competition levels based on the player dyads
Fabio Giuliano Caetano, Vitor Panula da Silva, Ricardo da Silva Torres, Ricardo de Oliveira Anido, Sergio Augusto Cunha, Felipe Arruda Moura

External load variations between medium- and large-sided soccer games: Ball possession games vs regular games with small goals
Filipe Manuel Clemente, Gibson Praça, Sarah Bredt, Cornelis M. I. van der Linden, Jaime Serra-Olivares

Influence of contextual variables on performance of the libero player in top-level women's volleyball
Antonio García-de-Alcaraz, Laura Usero

The effects of conditioning training on body build, aerobic and anaerobic performance in elite mixed martial arts athletes
Łukasz Tota, Wanda Pilch, Anna Piotrowska, Marcin Maciejczyk

Effects of Batting Practice and Visual Training Focused on Pitch Type and Speed on Batting Ability and Visual Function
Yoshimitsu Kohmura, Manabu Nakata, Atsushi Kubota, Yukihiro Aoba, Kazuhiro Aoki, Shigeki Murakami

Assessment of lower body and abdominal strength in professional soccer players
Michaelides A. Marcos, Parpa M. Koulla, Zacharia I. Anthos

How do spatiotemporal parameters and lower-body stiffness change with increased running velocity? A comparison between novice and elite level runners
Felipe García-Pinillos, Amador García-Ramos, Rodrigo Ramírez-Campillo, Pedro Á. Latorre-Román, Luis E. Roche-Seruendo

Could ankle muscle activation be used as a simple measure of balance exercise intensity?
Jerica Licen, Vojko Strojnik, Katja Tomazin

Effects of different dietary energy intake following resistance training on muscle mass and body fat in bodybuilders: a pilot study
Alex S. Ribeiro, Jo?o Pedro Nunes, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Andreo F. Aguiar, Edilson S. Cyrino

The potential relationship between leg bone length and running performance in well-trained endurance runners
Hiromasa Ueno, Tadashi Suga, Kenji Takao, Yuto Miyake, Masafumi Terada, Akinori Nagano, Tadao Isaka

15. Short-term repeated-sprint training (straight sprint vs. changes of direction) in soccer players
Marco Beato, Giuseppe Coratella, Mattia Bianchi, Emanuele Costa, Michele Merlini

16. The effect of virtual training on speed and accuracy of decision making in sport
Mark A. Sanger, Matthew T. Buns, Katherine Thomas Thomas

17. Handball goalkeeper intuitive decision-making: a naturalistic case study
Marie Le Menn, Cyril Bossard, Bruno Travassos, Ricardo Duarte, Gilles Kermarrec

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