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1. Horizontal Foot Speed During Submaximal and Maximal Running.
Kenneth P. Clark, Laurence J. Ryan, Christopher R. Meng, David J. Stearne.

2. Enhancement of Muscle Shortening Torque Preloaded with Muscle Lengthening is Joint-Specific.
Marzouq K. Almutairi, Gary R. Hunter, Donald H. Lein, SoJung Kim, David R. Bryan, Mario Inacio, Christopher P. Hurt, William Reed, Harshvardhan Singh.

3. Comparison of Muscle Activity between the Horizontal Bench Press and the Seated Chest Press Exercises Using Several Grips.
José M. Muyor, David Rodríguez-Ridao, José M. Oliva-Lozano.

4. Influence of Target Width and Distance on Postural Adjustments in a Fencing Lunge.
Anna Akbaş, Wojciech Marszałek, Anna Brachman, Grzegorz Juras.


5. Dietary Nitrate Ingestion Does Not Improve Neuromuscular Performance in Male Sport Climbers.
Luis A. Berlanga, Alvaro Lopez-Samanes, Julio Martin-Lopez, Ruben Martinez de la Cruz, Marta Garces-Rimon, Justin Roberts, Gabriele Bertotti.

6. Functional Movement Patterns, Spinal Posture and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms among Elite Ice Hockey Players: A Cross Sectional Study.
Małgorzata Grabara, Anna Bieniec.

7. Tensiomyographic Assessment of Contractile Properties in Elite Youth Soccer Players According to Maturity Status.
Alexis Padrón-Cabo, Francisco J. Corredoira, Miguel Lorenzo-Martínez, Sixto González-Víllora, Ezequiel Rey.

8. Training in a Hot Environment Fails to Elicit Changes in the Blood Oxidative Stress Response.
Cassie M. Williamson-Reisdorph, Tiffany S. Quindry, Katherine S. Christison, Shae C. Gurney, Kathryn G. Tiemessen, John Cuddy, Walter Hailes, Dustin Slivka, Brent C. Ruby, John C. Quindry.

9. The Effects of a 10-Week Aerobic and Unilateral Lower Extremity Resistance Training Program on Amplitude and Nerve Conduction Velocity of Sensory and Motor Nerves in Diabetic Patients with Neuropathy.
Sharif Beigi, Fatemeh Shabkhiz, Mohammadreza Kordi, Bahram Haghi-Ashtiani, Nahid Hashemi-Madani, Piotr Zmijewski


10. Intermittent Voluntary Isometric Contractions Effects on Performance Enhancement and Sticking Region Kinematics in the Bench Press.
Arkaitz Garbisu-Hualde, Laura Gutierrez, Eneko Fernández-Pe?a, Jordan Santos-Concejero.

11. The Relative Age Effect in Ice Hockey: Analysis of Its Presence, Its Fading and of a Reversal Effect among Junior and Professional Leagues.
Jean Lemoyne, François Trudeau, Simon Grondin.

12. Peak Running, Mechanical, and Physiological Demands of Professional Men's Field Hockey Matches.
Liya Lin, Xinyi Ji, Li Zhang, Haiqin Weng, Xinyi Wang.

13. Rating of Perceived Exertion in Professional Volleyball: A Systematic Review.
André Rebelo, Joao R. Pereira, Diogo V. Martinho, Jo?o Valente-dos-Santos.

14. Fast and Medium Tempo Resistance Training with a Low Number of Repetitions in Trained Men: Effects on Maximal Strength and Power Output.
Wei Lu, Zonghao Du, Aiguo Zhou.

15. Predicting Total Back Squat Repetitions from Repetition Velocity and Velocity Loss.
Michael H. Haischer, Joseph P. Carzoli, Daniel M. Cooke, Joshua C. Pelland, Jacob F. Remmert1, Michael. C. Zourdos.

16. Internal and External Loads of Young Elite Soccer Players during Defensive Small-Sided Games.
Alberto Rabano-Munoz, Luis Suarez-Arrones, Bernardo Requena, Jose A. Asian-Clemente.

17. Conditioning Strategies for Improving Handball Throwing Velocity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses.
Jan Petruzela, Monika Papla, Petr Stastny.

18. A Comparison of Basic Training Variables in the Standard and Cambered Bar Bench Press Performed to Volitional Exhaustion.
Patryk Matykiewicz, Michał Krzysztofik, Adam Zając.


19. The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Coping Ability in Senior Female Field-Hockey Players in South Africa.
Julius Jooste, Ankebé Kruger, Nicola Tinkler.

20. Change-of-Direction Speed in Firefighter Trainees: Fitness Relationships and Implications for Occupational Performance.
Robert G. Lockie, Robin M. Orr, Fernando Montes, J. Jay Dawes.

21. Motivated and without Fear of Failure: The Strength of Basic Psychological Needs in Youth Spanish Athletes in Team Sports.
Juan González-Hernández, Manuel Gómez-López, David Manzano-Sánchez, Alfonso Valero-Valenzuela..


The Journal of Human Kinetics is an open-access interdisciplinary periodical offering the latest research in the science of human movement studies. This comprehensive professional journal follows the principles of a double-blind peer review process and features articles and research notes encompassing such topic areas as Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine, Sports and Physical Activity, as well as Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Sport and Exercise, yet especially considering elite and competitive aspects of the sport. The journal publishes research papers, reviews, case studies, short communications, letters to editors, and editorials. Most importantly, manuscripts submitted to the journal must contain novel data on theoretical or experimental research or on practical applications in the field of sports sciences. The regular issues of the Journal of Human Kinetics are published in January, April, July, and October, yet we accept proposals for special issues or specific topics. We encourage scientists from around the world to submit their papers to our Journal.


Committee for Rehabilitation,
Physical Education
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of Sciences

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Respected Authors of the Journal of Human Kinetics!

Dear Authors,

We would like to inform you that after several years of cooperation, the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice has decided to change the publisher of the Journal of Human Kinetics.
The Journal has been published for close to a quarter of a century, and we are constantly striving to improve our quality and to serve the scientific community in the best possible way we can. We kindly ask new authors to log into the new Editorial System that is now available on our website. We apologize for any inconveniencies, but we honestly feel that these changes will improve the quality of processing the manuscripts and soon we will receive an even higher Impact Factor.
Additionally, we have expanded the scope of the journal, which now covers topics not only related to competitive sports, but also to physical activity of different populations.
We have also added several renowned international scientists to our editorial board to improve the reviewing procedures.
Considering the above, we encourage new, and especially previous authors to submit manuscripts to the JHK.

Editor in chief of JHK
Prof. dr hab. Adam Zając

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