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April 2020

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How do amateur endurance runners alter spatiotemporal parameters and step variability as running velocity increases? A sex comparison
Felipe García-Pinillos, Daniel Jerez-Mayorga, Pedro Á. Latorre-Román, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Fernando Sanz-López, Luis E. Roche-Seruendo

Effects of oral branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) intake on muscular and central fatigue during an incremental exercise
Mohammad AbuMoh'd, Laila Matalqah, Zainalabidden Al-Abdulla

Physical and physiological response to different modes of repeated sprint exercises in basketball players
Rutenis Paulauskas, Paulius Kamarauskas, Rièardas Nekriošius, Nicholas Malcolm Bigwood

The impact of aspirin intake on lactate dehydrogenase, arterial stiffness, and oxidative stress during high-intensity exercise: a pilot study
Sang Ho Lee, Elizabeth J. Pekas, Seungyong Lee, Ronald J. Headid III, Song-Young Park

What are the limiting factors during an ultra-marathon? A systematic review of the scientific literature
Arkaitz Garbisu-Hualde, Jordan Santos-Concejero

Heart rate variability is correlated with perceived physical fitness in elite soccer players
Guillaume Ravé, Hassane Zouhal, Daniel Boullosa, Patricia K. Doyle-Baker, Ayoub Saeidi, Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman, Jacques-Olivier Fortrat

Quantification of movement characteristics in women's English Premier elite domestic rugby union
Edward J Bradley, Lisa Board, Bob Hogg, David T Archer

The relative age effect in professional futsal players
Carlos Lago-Fuentes, Ezequiel Rey, Alexis Padrón-Cabo, Javier Prieto-Troncoso, Javier Garcia-Núnez

Relative age effect in the girls' volleyball U18 World Championship
Fábio A. D. Campos, Ídico L. Pellegrinotti, Leandra C. B. Campos, Tiago M. R. Dias, Miguel?Ángel Gómez

Water polo shooting performance: differences between world championship winning, drawing and losing teams
Sofia Canossa, Arturo Abraldes, Luísa Estriga, Ricardo J Fernandes, Júlio Garganta

Match performance indicators that discriminated between winning, drawing and losing teams in the 2017 AFCON soccer championship
Alliance Kubayi, Abel Toriola

Assessing change of direction ability in a Spanish elite soccer academy
Asier Los Arcos, José F. Aramendi, José I. Emparanza, Carlo Castagna, Javier Yanci, Alejandro Lezaun, Raúl Martínez-Santos

Making decisions and motor actions with technical biomechanical classifications in male judo weight categories
Fábio Dal Bello, Esteban Aedo-Munoz, Ciro José Brito, Suzi Camey, Bianca Miarka

Physical and physiological demands during handball matches in male adolescent players
Manuel Ortega-Becerra, Alexis Belloso-Vergara, Fernando Pareja-Blanco

Preliminary validation of mirrored scales for monitoring professional soccer training sessions
Rodrigo F. Morandi, Eduardo M. Pimenta, André G. P. Andrade, Tane K. F. Serpa, Eduardo M. Penna, Charles O. Costa, Mário N. S. O. Júnior, Emerson S. Garcia

Application of individualized speed zones to quantify external training load in professional soccer
Vincenzo Rago, Joao Brito, Pedro Figueiredo, Peter Krustrup, António Rebelo

Effects of an exogenous ketone supplement on five-kilometer running performance
Philip J. Prins, Andrew P. Koutnik, Dominic P. D’Agostino, Christopher Q. Rogers, Jacob F. Seibert, Jillian A. Breckenridge, Daniel S. Jackson, Edward J. Ryan, Jeffrey D. Buxton, Dana L. Ault

18. Movement variability during the flight phase in a single back sideflip (wildcat) in snowboarding
Bogdan Bacik, Wioletta Kurpas, Wojciech Marsza³ek, Piotr Wodarski, Marek Gzik

19. Effects of lower extremity muscle fatigue on knee loading during a forward drop jump to a vertical jump in female athletes
Tzu Lin Wong, Chen Fu Huang, Po Chieh Chen

20. Kinematic analyses of parkour landings from as high as 2.7 meters
Boyi Dai, Jacob S. Layer, Taylour J. Hinshaw, Ross F. Cook, Janet S. Dufek

21. Muscle recruitment pattern of the hamstring muscles in hip extension and knee flexion exercises
Osamu Yanagisawa, Atsuki Fukutani

22. The transition from underwater to surface swimming during the push-off start in competitive swimmers
Alfonso Trinidad Morales, Santiago Veiga Fernández, Enrique Navarro Cabello, Alberto Lorenzo Calvo

23. Activity of trunk and lower extremity musculature: comparison between parallel back squats and belt squats
Lori Joseph, Josh Reilly, Kristine Sweezey, Robyn Waugh, Lara Carlson, Michael Lawrence

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