The Impact of Hemispheric Activity Priming on ChokingUnder Pressure in Badminton Tasks:A Study of Three Fundamental Skills
(Wei Wang, Melanie J. Gregg, Hairui Liu)

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Wei Wang, Melanie J. Gregg, Hairui Liu

Choking under pressure occurs when an individual experiences a decrease in performance despite their efforts to perform well. The self-focus approach suggests that pressure increases conscious attention on the performance process, disrupting the automatic or overlearned nature of execution. Hemispheric asymmetries in the brain and skilled performance indicate that left-hemispheric activity decreases, while right-hemispheric activity enhances. Previous studies have attempted to prevent choking by inhibiting the left hemisphere or enhancing the right hemisphere’s activity. This study examined whether increased hemispheric activity priming can extenuate motor skill failure under pressure in badminton tasks. The study involved 32 right-handed college students who completed five conditions in pressure-free blocks versus choking under-pressure blocks with priming intervention. Results showed a significant improvement in motor learning from pre- to post-tests, but participants still choked under pressure during skill execution. Furthermore, the priming strategy (hand squeezing) did not alleviate the pressure to benefit performance. The study provides evidence of performance decrements under pressure conditions, and the priming strategy did not alleviate choking.
DOI: 10.5114/jhk/173023
Key words
motor skills, hand squeezing, badminton fundamental movement skills,

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