A Systematic Review of the Batting Backlift Technique in Cricket

 Article (PDF) 
Habib Noorbhai

There has been an extensive amount of research into the batting elements of cricket. However, there is limited research specifically on the batting backlift technique (BBT). Therefore, this review aims to provide an understanding and consensus of the BBT in cricket at varied skilled levels. A PRISMA flow chart revealed 38 studies that were reviewed (both coaching and scientific literature), which reported on the backlift in cricket. The databases searched were PubMed, Google Scholar, the Cochrane Library and Sabinet. This review shows that the lateral batting backlift technique (LBBT) is a likely contributing factor to successful batsmanship at all levels of cricket ability (junior, adolescent, semi-professional, professional, international and former elite/successful cricketers). It was also found that coaching a LBBT to young batsmen may be challenging to teach, and therefore, further coaching models should be developed to assist cricket coaches. As much as a LBBT may be a contributing factor for success, there is still a need to answer a number of questions through further in-depth biomechanical investigations and through interventions that are more meticulous. A way forward for further research in this area of cricket batting is documented at the end of the review.
DOI: 10.2478/hukin-2020-0026

Key words
biomechanics, performance analysis, coaching, batters, cricketers

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