Associations Between Self-Determined Motivation, Team Potency, and Self-Talk in Team Sports

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Diana Amado, Miryam Maestre, Carlos Montero-Carretero, Pedro Antonio Sanchez-Miguel, Eduardo Cervello

The current study aimed to evaluate the determinant factors of athletes┬┤ internal positive self-talk that might lead to decreased anxiety and increased performance. The sample consisted of 191 male and female athletes ranging in age from 14 to 35 years old. They played soccer, volleyball and basketball and they were cadets (43%), juniors (29.6 %) and adults (27.4%). Results showed that satisfaction of the basic psychological needs was the strongest predictor of positive self-talk or positive thoughts during competition. Specifically, perception of autonomy was the strongest predictor, because it positively predicted concentration, control of anxiety and instructions, followed by perception of competence, which positively predicted confidence. Finally, team sports coaches should promote perception of autonomy and competence in their athletes, with the aim of enhancing more positive self-talk in competition, which may promote a better performance.
DOI: 10.2478/hukin-2019-0116
Key words
self-determination, autonomy, team potency, internal dialogue, sport performance

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