Perceived Hindrances Experienced by Sport Coaches in South Africa

 Article (PDF) 
Alliance Kubayi, Yoga Coopoo, Heather Morris-Eyton

The purpose of this study was to examine perceived hindrances encountered by sport coaches in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. A total of 224 sport coaches (122 males and 102 females) were purposively recruited to participate in this study. An exploratory factor analysis was used to assess the factor structure of the Perceived Hindrance Scale. The results of this study indicated the following as major hindrances encountered by sport coaches: “Lack of support systems for women players”, “Lack of support for women coaches from superiors”, “Low salary”, “Lack of opportunities for promotion”, “Difficulties with parents/spectators” and “Lack of job security”. Recommendations on strategies to overcome these perceived hindrances are discussed
DOI: 10.1515/hukin-2017-0064
Key words
coaching, hindrances, occupation

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