Acute Effects of Different Stretching Techniques on the Number of Repetitions in A Single Lower Body Resistance Training Session

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Marcos A. SA, Gabriel R. Neto, Pablo B. Costa, Thiago M. Gomes, Claudio M. Bentes, Amanda F. Brown, Jefferson S. Novaes

This study aimed to investigate the acute effects of passive static and ballistic stretching on maximal repetition performance during a resistance training session (RTS). Nine male subjects underwent three experimental conditions: ballistic stretching (BS); passive static stretching (PSS); and a specific warm-up (SW). The RTS was composed of three sets of 12RM for the following exercises: leg press 45 (LP), leg extension (LE), leg curl (LC), and plantar flexors (PF). Performance of six sessions was assessed 48 hours apart. The first visit consisted of a familiarization session including stretching methods and exercises used in the RTS. On the second and third visit, a strength test and retest were performed. During the fourth to the sixth visit, the volunteers randomly performed the following protocols: BS+RTS; PSS+RTS; or SW+RTS. For the sum of the RM number of each three-set exercise, significant differences were found between PSS vs. SW for the LP (p = 0.001); LE (p = 0.005); MF (p = 0.001); and PF (p = 0.038). For the comparison between the methods of stretching PSS vs. BS, significant differences were found only for the FP (p = 0.019). When analyzing the method of stretching BS vs. SW, significant differences were found for the LP (p = 0.014) and MF (p = 0.002). For the total sum of the RM number of three sets of the four exercises that composed the RTS, significant differences were observed (p < 0.05) in the following comparisons: PPS vs. SW (p = 0.001), PPS vs. BS (p = 0.008), and BS vs. SW (p = 0.002). Accordingly, the methods of passive static and ballistic stretching should not be recommended before a RTS.
DOI: 10.1515/hukin-2015-0018
Key words
warm-up, ballistic stretching, passive stretching, muscular strength, lower limbs

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