Can Achievement Goals be Primed in Competitive Tasks?

 Article (PDF) 
Iain Greenlees, Sean Figgins, Philip Kearney

This study examined whether achievement goal priming effects would be observed within an overtly competitive setting. Male soccer players (N = 66) volunteered to participate in a soccer penalty-kick taking competition during which they took 20 penalty-kicks on 2 occasions. Following a pretest, participants were allocated to 1 of 5 priming conditions. Immediately prior to the posttest, participants in the priming conditions were asked to complete what was presented as an ostensibly unrelated task that took the form of either a computer task (subliminal priming) or wordsearch task (supraliminal priming). Results revealed that priming had no significant influence on performance.
DOI: 10.2478/hukin-2014-0026
Key words
priming, penalty-kicks, achievement goals

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