The importance of parents’ behavior in their children’s enjoyment and amotivation in sports

 Article (PDF) 
Pedro A. Sanchez-Miguel, Francisco M. Leo, David Sanchez-Oliva, Diana Amado, Tomas Garcia-Calvo

The main aim of the research was to examine the relationship between motivational orientations and parents’ behavior with regard to the players’ motivational orientation, motivational climate, enjoyment and amotivation. The sample comprised 723 athletes (M = 12.37, SD = 1.48) and 723 parents (M = 46.46, SD = 2.56). Players were male and female who belonged to federative basketball, handball, football and volleyball teams. Parents and athletes completed questionnaires that assessed motivational orientations, parents’ involvement in the practice as well as enjoyment and motivation in the sport. Results showed a positive relationship between parents’ support of the sport and players’ enjoyment and a negative relationship with players’ amotivation. Moreover, in players who perceived more pressure from their parents, there was a positive association with amotivation and a negative one with enjoyment. Lastly, it was emphasized that appropriate parental participation can promote an increase of players’ enjoyment of and motivation for sport.
DOI: 10.2478/hukin-2013-0017
Key words
team sports, amotivation, athletes, family

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