Influence of Industrial Environments on the Development of Respiratory Systems and Morphofunctional Features in Preadolescent Boys

 Article (PDF) 
Wioletta Dziubek, Zofia Ignasiak, Krystyna Rozek

The present study examines the differences between levels of selected structural and functional features of boys 11-13 years in age from regions with varying levels of air pollution, including an industrial and rural region. The sample consisted of 213 boys from the industrial region and 98 from the rural region. Somatic, respiratory parameters and motor abilities were evaluated in both groups. The analysis of respiratory parameters revealed significantly better development of respiratory systems in boys from the rural region. Additionally, motor abilities were also better developed in boys from the rural region.
DOI: 10.2478/v10078-011-0084-z
Key words
air pollution, lung development, motor abilities

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