Endurance and Speed Capacity of the Korea Republic Football National Team During the World Cup of 2010

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Oh Sang Duk, Kim Sung Min, Adam Kawczynski, Pawel Chmura, Dariusz Mroczek, Jan Chmura

The aim of the study was to characterize selected indices of endurance and speed of the Korea Republic team with reference to the four best teams during the World Cup of 2010. Five hundred and ninety-nine football players from thirty-two teams participated in the study. All teams played in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. For the assessment of the players’ motor activity during matches common kinematic test results were recorded using the Castrol Performance Index. The following variables were analysed: total distance covered by the team, distance covered by individual players, maximum running speed and average match running speed for the team and individual players, as well as with division with regard to playing position: defenders, midfielders, strikers. In comparison to the four best teams at the football World Cup of 2010, the Korea Republic players achieved the highest running speed (p≤0.05), and similar levels of covered distance and average match running speed.
Key words
Castrol system, soccer, speed, endurance, game analysis

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