Barriers Restricting the Free Dissemination of Scientific Achievements: Own Experiences in Crossing Walls and Bridges

 Article (PDF) 
Bartlomiej Jan Barczynski, Marek Graczynski, Roman Maciej Kalina

The most important issues in the administration of modern science is “editorial correctness” of scientific articles. Editors of the most prestigious scientific journals know how to build an impact factor. Is an overly rigorous proce-dure for submitted manuscripts appropriate in every case? The constant progress of science and the development of researchers is undeniable and remarkable. We dissociate ourselves from the principle of “publish a lot and quickly” recommended during the postdoctoral phase or other pe-riods of a scientist’s career. Quality requires time and humility towards that which was discovered and that which is still unknown.
DOI 10.2478/v10078-009-0017-2
Key words
scientific achievements, journals, evaluation

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