Fitness of 50 – 96 Years Old Women

 Article (PDF) 
Izabela Zajac-Gawlak, Jacek Polechonski

188 women aged 50-96 years inhabiting towns and cities of Upper Silesia participated in the research carried out between2001-2002. The data was collected by means of an interview which took into consideration predictors such as: age, education, marital status, character and type of job, socio-economical situation, health condition, family status, exercising at home, regular physical activity both in the past and at present, sport discipline practiced in the past, use of stimulants, diet, and the number of births. The level of fitness of women surveyed depends most of all on the level of their education. Systematic physical activity influences the fitness of women. Widowhood and number of births exerts a significant influence on the regression of fitness.
Key words
aging, fitness, elderly

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