Effects of Creatine and HM? Supplementation on Anaerobic Power and Body Composition in Basketball Players

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Zajac A., Waskiewicz Z., Poprzecki S., Cholewa J.

The main objective of this research was the evaluation of anaerobic power indices after long term (30days) supplementation with Cr, HMB and a combination of Cr and HMB in basketball players. Fifty two well trained basketball players took part in the experiment, with two resigning do to injury. The players were randomly assigned to four groups. The control group included 13 basketball players which were given a placebo consisting of 750ml of CHO per day. The second group of 12 athletes received creatine monohydrate with CHO over the 30 day period. The third group was supplemented with HMB, while the fourth group was given both supplements simultaneously. The supplements were ingested with a CHO solution to increase creatine uptakeAll of the basketball players performed a triple Wingate test before and immediately after the 30 day supplementation and training protocol. At rest and during the 4th minute of recovery, blood samples were drawn from the fingertip, for the evaluation of lactate concentration and acid-base equilibrium. Additional blood samples were taken from the antecubital vein, at rest and 60 minutes after the cessation of exercise in order to evaluate CK and LDH activity. Long term supplementation with creatine monohydrate seems to have a buffering effect, since greater values of Pmax and Wt are not accompanied by significantly higher post exercise LA concentration or lower pH values. This suggests a decreased rate of glycolysis do to an increase in ATP resynthesis from PCr.
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