Callanetics as one of the factors in motor abilities development in women

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J. Eider

Proper and systematic physical activity is one of the elements influencing healthy life style. Callanetics is a farm of movement, which lead to stable, and reliable changes in human organisms. The main aim of this work was to determine the changes in abdominal strength and spine flexibility under the influence of systematic callanetics exercises. The experiment was conducted on 112 female subjects participating in callanetics courses. Mean age of subjects equaled 21,7 years with the range from 10 to 26 years. In order to evaluate abdominal strength and spine flexibility the field motor tests from International Test of Physical Fitness were used. The measurements were conducted twice on the same subjects, at the initial stage of course and after 6 month of exercise. Systematic callanetics exercises influences significantly abdominal strength and spine flexibility in females of different age. The efficiency of exercises decreases with age.
Key words
callanetics, motor abilities

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