Cardiopulmonary function of elite basketball and soccer players during the preseason

 Article (PDF) 
Andziulis A., Gocentas A., Jascaniniene N.

The aim of the study was to investigate the oxygen consumption of athletes before the beginning of the preseason. Oxygen consumption parameters were established on VMAX29 with the Marquette 3.01 system during a standard exercise test protocol, modified by Balke. The research included 32 male athletes (age 18-25), basketball and soccer players [VO2max – average 47ml/kg/min. (std 11, CI {43: 51}, p<0.05) and VO2AT – 55-68% of VO2max level, VO2/W average 13.1 L/kg/m ( std 1.4, CI {12.6; 13.6}, p<0.05)]. Short recovery duration (90% of VO2 consumption, heart ratio and pulmonary ventilation decreasing during 3 minutes) indicates good preparation of athletes to anaerobic work. Time series curves of achieved oxygen consumption in steady state condition and high METS level indicate good usability of standard exercise test protocol for evaluation of health and the estimation of work capacity during the preseason.
Key words
exercise tolerance, oxygen consumption, anaerobic threshold, and oxygen debt,

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