Rehabilitation in Patients after Cardio-Surgical Interventions

 Article (PDF) 
Alicja Wolynska-Slezynska, Jan Slezynski

The purpose of the present study was to verify the hypothesis: the use of exercises and physical therapy helps patients after cardio-surgical interventions in early return to normal life. The research was based on the diagnosis of physical fitness of cardiological patients. The data was analyzed for 421 cardiological patients: 245 men and 176 women, aged 27- 75 years. In the group of patients who were ultimately able to go through the exercise test, the number of male patients reached a significant predominance over female patients. This again confirms higher physical fitness and stronger motivation of men to engage in graded physical exercise. Complex cardiological rehabilitation facilitates improvement of the patient’s physical fitness. This has been confirmed by a significant number of patients who have been moved to a higher NYHA Class. Exercise tests performed on a treadmill have shown that, when compared to men, women are characterized by a lower physical work capacity – both before and after cardiological rehabilitation. Thus, the patient’s physical fitness should not be the only criterion for grading physical effort.
Key words
cardiological rehabilitation, cardio-surgical interventions, physical fitness,

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