The Level of Functional Fitness of Elderly in Southeastern Region of Poland

 Article (PDF) 
Magdalena Wiacek, Igor Z. Zubrzycki

The selected experiments were chosen to evaluate the functional activity of the studied group. Physical variables associated with functional ability were evaluated. The primary objective was to assess whether an older adult is at risk of losing or, as shown in this paper, are already on the edge of losing functional ability. The results clearly show poor strength and functional ability for both lower and upper limbs(i.e., “chair stand” and “arm curl” tests), and extremely poor results for aerobic endurance and overall flexibility (i.e., “chair sit and reach” and “back scratch” tests). The obtained results are in general agreement with the conclusions drawn by previous researchers (Jopkiewicz, 2000). One may also conclude that the results of the experiments are driven by two major facts. The first is the social background of the tested population (Rejeski and Mihalko, 2001), and the second is that the tested group belongs to the socalled war-generation.
Key words
functional fitness, elderly, fitness deterioration

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