Body Proportions and the Results of the Toe-Touch Test

 Article (PDF) 
Michal Kuszewski, Edward Saulicz, Rafal Gnat, Andrzej Knapik, Pawel Wandzel

Flexibility is often defined as the range of motion of a single joint or several joints. The “toe-touch” test (TTT) is one of the most popular clinical tests evaluating the level of flexibility. The objective of the study was to determine the relationships between results of the TTT and selected length indexes of the human body. 284 adults were selected for the experiment. The first group of linear, anthropometric measurements were related to the lengths of the lower and upper extremity, the trunk, as well as the head together with the neck. As soon as the measurements were taken the TTT was performed. The results did not show any significant relationships between the outcome of the TTT and all length variables, as well as the majority of calculated body indexes. The only exception appears in case of the head and height index, where weak, but significant relationships exist.
Key words
flexibility, ‘toe-touch’ test, range of motion

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