Assessment of Physical Education Lessons with Different Content and Type by Girls

 Article (PDF) 
Krzysztof Skalik, Karel Fromel

The aim of the study is to contribute to a deeper understanding of girls’ attitude to physical education (PE) lessons with various content and to a different presentation of the content in habitually and creatively oriented lessons. The research was carried out in randomly selected classes at six elementary schools in the Katowice region. In total, 826 girls aged 12-15 participated in the research. A standardized questionnaire was used to assess PE lessons with different content and of a different type. Girls reported most positively creative PE lessons which included aerobics, gymnastics, dance and ringo. Girls with a lower physical fitness level evaluated PE lessons with different contents as positively as girls with a higher physical fitness level. No significant differences were found in the “pupils’ role” in PE lessons between girls with different fitness levels. New curricular approaches also require changes in the approach to PE content.
Key words
aerobic lessons, concept of PE, curriculum, creativity, dance lessons, physical fitness,

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