Determination of Left Ventricular Structure and Function by Echocardiography in Endurance Trained Athletes

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Aleksandra Zebrowska, Jozef Langfort, Marek Piekarski, Milosz Czuba

The aim of this study was to investigate possible relationships between training loads and echocardiography variables in elite endurance trained athletes. An experimental group of 16 professional male road cyclists participated in a incremental ergometer exercise test to calculate maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) and anaerobic threshold (AT) in order to determine their physical work capacity. The M-mode and two-dimensional Doppler-echocardiography using a Hewlett-Packard Image Point HX ultrasound system with standard imaging transducers were performed on all subjects. The left ventricular mass index (LVMI), interventricular septum thickness (IVSDd), and left ventricular end diastolic posterior wall thickness (LVPWd) were greater in 6 athletes with diagnosed left ventricle muscle hypertrophy (LVH) when compared to the control group (LVN). This data demonstrates that athletes who performed the same training regimen may develop different heart dimensions within the left ventricular cavity, left ventricular mass, and left ventricular wall thickness.
Key words
left ventricular hypertrophy, anaerobic threshold, endurance training,

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