Journal of Human Kinetics

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Volume 77 - January 2021

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1. The relationship between the perceived movement quality and the kinematic pattern of complex skills in gymnastics
Melanie Mack, Marcel Schmidt, Thomas Heinen

2. Kinematic stride characteristics of maximal sprint running of elite sprinters - verification of the "Swing-Pull Technique"
Klaus Mattes, Stefanie Wolff, Shahab Alizadeh

3. Effects of plyometric vs. combined plyometric training on vertical jump biomechanics in female basketball players
Alberto Sánchez-Sixto, Andrew J Harrison, Pablo Floría

4. A new foot-mounted inertial measurement system in soccer: reliability and comparison to global positioning systems for velocity measurements during team sport actions
Mark Waldron, Jamie Harding, Steve Barrett, Adrian Gray

5. Physiological exercise and post-exercise effects of inverse sequences of combined bench-step aerobics and resistance exercise
Catarina Abrantes, Susana Martins, Ana Pereira, Fernando Policarpo,Isabel Machado, Nelson Sousa

6. Heading in soccer: does kinematics of the head-neck-torso alignment influence head acceleration?
Stephan Becker, Joshua Berger, Oliver Ludwig,Daniel Günther, Jens Kelm, Michael Fröhlich

7. Effects of nutritional supplements on judo-related performance: A review
Leonardo Simoncini, Ángel Lago-Rodríguez, Álvaro López-Samanes,Alberto Pérez-López, Raúl Domínguez

8. The effects of sub-technique and pole length on classic roller skiing performance and physiological responses at steep uphill inclination
Per-Oyvind Torvik, Johan, Roland van den Tillaar

9. Comparison of heart rate variability before and after a table tennis match
Jon Mikel Picabea, Jesús Cámara, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Javier Yanci

10. Cardiorespiratory, metabolic and perceived responses to electrical stimulation of upper-body muscles while performing arm cycling
Christoph Zinner, Manuel Matzka, Sebastian Krumscheid,Hans-Christer Holmberg, Billy Sperlich

11. Lower-limb muscle strength, anterior-posterior and inter-limb asymmetry in professional, elite academy and amateur soccer players
Marco Beato, Damien Young, Adam Stiff, Giuseppe Coratella

12. The relative age effect on anthropometry, body composition, biological maturation and motor performance in young Braziliansoccer players
Juliana Melo Altimari, Leandro Ricardo Altimari, Henrique Bortolotti, Adalberto Ferreira Junior, Juliano Moro Gabardo, Cosme Franklim Buzzachera, Ariobaldo Frisselli, Antonio Carlos de Moraes

13. Physiology of basketball - field tests. Review article
Roni Gottlieb, Asaf Shalom, Julio Calleja-Gonzalez

14. Variation in lower limb power and three point shot performance following repeated sprints: one vs. five changes of direction in male basketball players
Seifeddine Brini, Anne Delextrat, Anissa Bouassida

15. Repeated sprint ability in elite basketball players: the effects of 10 × 30 m vs. 20 × 15 m exercise protocols on physiological variables and sprint performance
Bruno Figueira, Bruno Gonçalves, Eduardo Abade, Rutenis Paulauskas, Nerijus Masiulis, Paulius Kamarauskas, Jaime Sampaio

16. Effects of flywheel resistance training on sport actions. A systematic review and meta-analysis
Javier Raya-González J, Amaya Prat-Luri, Alejandro López-Valenciano, Rafael Sabido, Jose Luis Hernández-Davó

17. Identification, computational examination, critical assessment and future considerations of spatial tactical variables to assess the use of space in team sports by positional data: a systematic review
Markel Rico-González, José Pino Ortega, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Felipe Arruda Moura, Asier Los Arcos

18. The communication and passing contributions of playing positions in a professional soccer team
Scott Mclean, Paul M Salmon, Adam D Gorman, Karl Dodd, Colin Solomon

19. Effects of pre-activation with variable intra-repetition resistance on throwing velocity in female handball players: a methodological proposal
Darío Martínez-García, Ángela Rodríguez-Perea, Álvaro Huerta-Ojeda, Daniel Jerez-Mayorga, Daniel Aguilar-Martínez, Ignacio Chirosa-Rios, Pablo Ruiz-Fuentes, Luis Javier Chirosa-Rios

20. Victory prediction of Ladies Professional Golf Association players: Influential factors and comparison of prediction models
Jin Seok Chae, Jin Park, Wi-Young So

21. The effect of eight weeks of sling-based training with rotational core exercises on ball velocity in female team handball players
Kenneth Stakset Dahl, Roland van den Tillaar

22. In-season assesment of sprint speed and sprint momentum in rugby players according to the age category and playing position
Santiago Zabaloy, Julián Giráldez, Federizo Gazzo, Rodrigo Villaseca-Vicu?a, Javier Gálvez González

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