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1. Different Shoulder Exercises Affect the Activation of Deltoid Portions in Resistance-Trained Individuals
Yuri A. C. Campos, Jeferson M. Vianna, Miller P. Guimarăes, Jorge L. D. Oliveira, Claudio Hernández-Mosqueira, Sandro F. da Silva, Paulo H. Marchetti

2. Effect of Three Half-Squat Protocols on the Tensiomyographic Twitch Response and Tissue Damage of the Rectus Femoris and the Biceps Femoris
César Berzosa, Fernando Sanz-López, Oliver Gonzalo-Skok, Carlos Valero-Campo, José Luis Arjol-Serrano, Eduardo Piedrafita, Guillermo Aladrén, A. Vanessa Bataller-Cervero

3. The Effects of a 9-Week Hip Focused Weight Training Program on Hip And Knee Kinematics and Kinetics in Experienced Female Dancers
Sandro Rajic, Hayley S. Legg, Philipp Maurus, Sandro R. Nigg, Daniel J. Cleather

4. The Structure of Selected Basic Acrobatic Jumps
Henryk Król, Małgorzata Klyszcz-Morciniec, Bogdan Bacik

5. Influence of Attentional Manipulation on Jumping Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Hubert Makaruk, Marcin Starzak, Jared Marak Porter


6. Predicting the 2000-m Rowing Ergometer Performance from Anthropometric, Maximal Oxygen Uptake and 60-s Mean Power Variables in National Level Young Rowers

Dario Cerasola, Marianna Bellafiore, Angelo Cataldo, Daniele Zangla, Antonino Bianco, Patrizia Proia, Marcello Traina, Antonio Palma, Laura Capranica

7. Acute Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Discomfort, Acid-Base Balance, and Performance of Jiu-Jitsu Athletes
Luciano Ragone, Joăo Guilherme Vieira, Mateus Camaroti Laterza, Luis Leităo, Jefferson da Silva Novaes, Jeferson Macedo Vianna, Marcelo Ricardo Dias

8. Acute Physiological Responses to Ultra Short Race-Pace Training in Competitive Swimmers
David Williamson, Earl McCarthy, Massimiliano Ditroilo

9. Shoulder Muscle Imbalance as a Risk for Shoulder Injury in Elite Adolescent Swimmers: A Prospective Study
Joffrey Drigny, Antoine Gauthier, Emmanuel Reboursičre, Henri Guermont, Vincent Gremeaux, Pascal Edouard

10. The Relationship Between Repeated-Sprint Ability, Aerobic Capacity, and Oxygen Uptake Recovery Kinetics in Female Soccer Athletes
Bruno Archiza, Daniela K. Andaku, Thomas Beltrame, Cleiton A. Libardi, Audrey Borghi-Silva

11. Influence of Inspiratory Muscle Training of Various Intensities on The Physical Performance of Long-Distance Runners
Krystyna Rożek-Piechura, Monika Kurzaj, Paulina Okrzymowska, Wojciech Kucharski, Jacek Stodółka, Krzysztof Maćkała

12. The Immediate Effects of Self-Myofacial Release on Flexibility, Jump Performance and Dynamic Balance Ability
Qingshan Zhang, Robin Trama, Alexandre Fouré, Christophe A Hautier


13. The Relative Age Effect at the Ice Hockey World Championships (IHWC) in the years 2015–2017
Jiří Nykodým, Michal Bozděch, Adrián Agricola, Jiří Zháněl

14. Relationships Between Measures of Functional and Isometric Lower Body Strength, Aerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Power, Sprint and Countermovement Jump Performance in Professional Soccer Players
Michał Boraczyński, Tomasz Boraczyński, Robert Podstawski, Zbigniew Wójcik, Piotr Gronek

15. Statistical Comparison of Singles Badminton Matches at the London 2012 and Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games
Gema Torres-Luque, Juan Carlos Blanca-Torres, David Cabello-Manrique, Miran Kondric

16. The Explanatory Capacity of Talent Identification Tests for Performance in Triathlon Competitions: A Longitudinal Analysis
Alba Cuba-Dorado, Oscar Garcia-Garcia, Verónica Morales-Sánchez, Antonio Hernández-Mendo

17. Match and Training High Intensity Activity-Demands Profile during a Competitive Mesocycle in Youth Elite Soccer Players
José María Oliva-Lozano, Carlos David Gómez-Carmona, José Pino-Ortega, Víctor Moreno-Pérez, Manuel Antonio Rodríguez-Pérez

18. A Systematic Review of the Batting Backlift Technique in Cricket
Habib Noorbhai

19. Tactical Behaviour of Youth Soccer Players: Differences Depending on Task Constraint Modification, Age and Skill Leve
Joăo Cláudio Machado, Daniel Barreira, Israel Teoldo, Jaime Serra-Olivares, Alberto Góes, Alcides José Scaglia

20. Muscle Activity Asymmetry of the Lower Limbs During Sprinting in Elite Soccer Players
Przemysław Pietraszewski, Artur Gołaś, Aleksander Matusiński, Sylwia Mrzygłód, Aleksandra Mostowik, Adam Maszczyk

21. Comparisons of Motor Actions and Biomechanical Assessments of Judo Techniques Between Female Weight Categories
Dany Alexis Sobarzo Soto, Esteban Aedo-Muńoz, Ciro José Brito, Bianca Miarka

22. Differences in External Load Variables Between Playing Positions in Elite Basketball Match-Play
Hugo Salazar, Julen Castellano, Luka Svilar

23. Effects of Ischemic Preconditioning as a Warm-Up on Leg Press and Bench Press Performance
Luiz Guilherme da Silva Telles, Luiz Cristiano Carelli, Igor Dutra Bráz, Christian Junqueira, Estęvăo Rios Monteiro, Victor Machado Reis, Jeferson Macedo Vianna, Jefferson daSilva Novaes

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