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Motivation in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity and Health

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1. Foreword of the Special Issue on Motivation in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity and Health
Pedro Antonio Sánchez Miguel, Diana Amado

2. The Effects of a Physical Education Intervention to Support the Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs on the Motivation and Intentions to Be Physically Active
Evelia Franco, Javier Coterón

3. Teaching Games for Understanding: A Comprehensive Approach to Promote Student’s Motivation in Physical Education
David Hortigüela Alcalá, Alejandra Hernando Garijo

Relationships Between Physical Activity Levels, Self-Identity, Body Dissatisfaction and Motivation Among
Spanish High School Students

Pedro Antonio Sánchez-Miguel, Francisco Miguel Leo, Diana Amado, Juan José Pulido, David Sánchez-Oliva

5. Middle and Elementary School Students’ Changes in Self-Determined Motivation in a Basketball Unit Taught
using the Tactical Games Model

Stephen Harvey, Alexander Gil-Arias, Megan Lorraine Smith, Lindsey Rachel Smith

The Cognitive and Motivation Intervention Program in Youth Female Volleyball Players
Fernando Claver, Ruth Jiménez, Alexander Gil-Arias, Alberto Moreno, M. Perla Moreno

7. The Prevalence and Covariates of Potential Doping Behavior in Kickboxing; Analysis Among High-Level Athletes
Damir Sekulic, Natasa Zenic, Sime Versic, Dora Maric, Goran Gabrilo, Mario Jelicic

8. Mental Strategies Predict Performance and Satisfaction with Performance Among Soccer Players
Magdalena Kruk, Jan Blecharz, Monika Boberska, Karolina Zarychta, Aleksandra Luszczynska

9. Does Context, Practice or Competition Affect Female Athletes’ Achievement Goal Dominance, Goal Pursuit, Burnout and Motivation?
Javier Fernández-Rio, Jose A. Cecchini, Antonio Méndez-Giménez

Effects of an Interpersonal Style Intervention for Coaches on Young Soccer Players’ Motivational Processes
Juan J. Pulido, David Sánchez-Oliva, Francisco M. Leo, Sergio Matos, Tomás García-Calvo

11. Application of Two Intervention Programs in Order to Optimize Motivation and to Improve Eating Habits
in Adult and Elderly Women

Isabel Balaguer1, Joan L Duda2, Isabel Castillo

12. The effect of previous Wingate performance using one body region on subsequent Wingate performance using a different body region
Marta Leyton, Marco Batista, Susana Lobato, Mª Isabel Aspano, Ruth Jiménez

13. Influence of Goal Contents on Exercise Addiction: Analysing the Mediating Effect of Passion for Exercise
Álvaro Sicilia, Manuel Alcaraz-Ibáñez, María-Jesús Lirola, Rafael Burgueño

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