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1. Transferability between Isolated Joint Torques and a Maximum Polyarticular Task: A Preliminary Study
Antony Costes, David Villeger, Pierre Moretto, Bruno Watier

2. Explosive Strength of the Knee Extensors: The Influence of Criterion Trial Detection Methodology on Measurement Reproducibility
Johannes Dirnberger, Hans-Peter Wiesinger, Nicolas Wiemer, Alexander Kösters, Erich Müller

3. Spatiotemporal Parameters are not Substantially Influenced by Load Carriage or Inclination During Treadmill and Overground Walking
Rebecca E. Fellin, Joseph F. Seay, Karen N. Gregorczyk, Leif Hasselquist

4. Maximum Velocities in Flexion and Extension Actions for Sport
David M. Jessop, Matthew T.G. Pain

5. Balance Maintenance in the Upright Body Position: Analysis of Autocorrelation
Jacek Stodolka, Marian Golema, Juliusz Migasiewicz

6. Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis of Lumbopelvic Rhythm During Trunk Extension
Michio Tojima, Naoshi Ogata, Yasuo Nakahara, Nobuhiko Haga

7. Two-Man Bobsled Push Start Analysis
Alexandre Dias Lopes, Sandra Regina Alouche


8. 25(OH)D Levels Relative to Muscle Strength and Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Athletes
Anna Książek, Aleksandra Zagrodna, Wioletta Dziubek, Bogdan Pietraszewski, Bartosz Ochmann, Małgorzata Słowińska – Lisowska

9. Prevalence of Dehydration Before Training Sessions, Friendly and Official Matches in Elite Female Soccer Players
Mauricio Castro-Sepulveda, Javier Astudillo, Pablo Letelier, Hermann Zbinden-Foncea

10. Within-Session Stability of Short-Term Heart Rate Variability Measurement
Lukas Cipryan

11. Differences in Physiological Responses to Interval Training in Cyclists With and Without Interval Training Experience
Rafal Hebisz, Paulina Hebisz, Jacek Borkowski, Marek Zatoń

12. Application of A Physiological Strain Index in Evaluating Responses to Exercise Stress – A Comparison Between Endurance and High Intensity Intermittent Trained Athletes
Ilona Pokora, Aleksandra Żebrowska

13. Influence of Physiological Loading on the Lumbar Spine of National Level Athletes in Different Sports
Mansoorehossadat Rozan, Vahid Rouhollahi, Amit Rastogi, Dilip Kumar Dureha

14. The Influence of High-Altitude Acclimatization on Ventilatory and Blood Oxygen Saturation Responses During Normoxic and Hypoxic Testing
Anton Ušaj, Stojan Burnik


15. Lower Limb Neuromuscular Asymmetry in Volleyball and Basketball Players
Azahara Fort-Vanmeerhaeghe, Gabriel Gual,Daniel Romero-Rodriguez, Viswanath Unnitha

16. Preseason Strategies of Italian First League Soccer Clubs in Relation to their Championship Ranking: A Five-Year Analysis
Fabio Massimo Francioni, Antonio Jose Figueiredo, Corrado Lupo, Daniele Conte, Laura Capranica, Antonio Tessitore

17. The Relationship Between the Lower-Body Muscular Profile and Swimming Start Performance
Amador García-Ramos, Katja Tomazin, Belén Feriche, Vojko Strojnik, Blanca de la Fuente, Javier Argüelles-Cienfuegos, Boro Strumbelj, Igor Štirn

18. Investigating the Effects of Typical Rowing Strength Training Practices on Strength and Power Development and 2,000 m Rowing Performance
Thomas Ian Gee, Nicholas Caplan, Karl Christian Gibbon, Glyn Howatson, Kevin Grant Thompson

19. Acute Effect of Different Combined Stretching Methods on Acceleration and Speed in Soccer Players
Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani, Julio Calleja-Gonzalez, Mansooreh Mogharabi-Manzari

20. Indirect Methods of Assessing Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Rowers: Practical Implications for Evaluating Physical Fitness in a Training Cycle
Andrzej Klusiewicz, Lech Borkowski, Dariusz Sitkowski, Krystyna Burkhard-Jagodzińska, Beata Szczepańska, Maria Ładyga

21. The Impact of a Good Season Start on Team Performance in Elite Handball
Carlos Lago-Peńas, María A. Fernández-Villarino, Iván González-García, Patricio Sánchez-Fernández, Jaime Sampaio

22. Muscle Strength and Speed Performance in Youth Soccer Players
Luis Peńailillo, Francisco Espíldora, Sebastián Jannas-Vela, Ińigo Mujika, Hermann Zbinden-Foncea

23. The Activity Profile of Young Tennis Athletes Playing on Clay and Hard Courts: Preliminary Data
Lucas Adriano Pereira, Victor Freitas, Felipe Arruda Moura, Marcelo Saldanha Aoki, Irineu Loturco, Fábio Yuzo Nakamura


24. The El Dorado of Handball? Foreign Female Players Stay, while Domestic Players Return from Abroad
Marta Bon, Mojca Doupona Topič, Marko Šibila

25. Coaches’ Preferences for Continuing Coaching Education in South Africa
Alliance Kubayi, Yoga Coopoo, Heather Morris-Eyton

26. Case Study of Mental Skills Training for a Taekwondo Olympian
TaeHee Lim, David Michael O’Sullivan

27. A Systematic Review of Psychological Studies Applied to Futsal
Wichai Yeemin, Cláudia Salomé Dias, António Manuel Fonseca


28. Central and Peripheral Fatigue During Resistance Exercise – A Critical Review
Adam Zając, Małgorzata Chalimoniuk, Adam Maszczyk, Artur Gołaś, Józef Langfort

29. Effects of Regular Recreational Exercise Training on Serum ANGPTL3-Like Protein and Lipid Profile in Young Healthy Adults
Ewelina Smol, Barbara Kłapcińska, Katarzyna Kempa, Artur Fredyk, Andrzej Małecki

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