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Volume 40

Archives > 2014

Letter to the Editor

Calculating the Home Advantage in Soccer Leagues
Miguel-Ángel Gómez, Richard Pollard


Sleep-Related Offline Learning in a Complex Arm Movement Sequence
Andreas Malangré, Peter Leinen, Klaus Blischke

3. Effects of Body Mass Index and Full Body Kinematics on Tennis Serve Speed
Francis KH Wong, Jackie HK Keung, Newman ML Lau, Douglas KS Ng, Joanne WY Chung, Daniel HK Chow

4. Biomechanical Evaluation of the Phases of the Triple Jump Take-Off in a Top Female Athlete
Abeer Eissa

5. Effect of Three Technical Arms Swings on The Elevation of the Center of Mass During a Standing Back Somersault
Bessem Mkaouer, Mončm Jemni, Samiha Amara, Helmi Chaabčne, Johnny Padulo, Zouhair Tabka

6. Ground Reaction Forces and Throwing Performance in Elite and Novice Players in Two Types of Handball Shot
Elissavet Rousanoglou, Konstantinos Noutsos, Ioannis Bayios, Konstantinos Boudolos

7. Effect of Fatigue Upon Performance and Electromyographic Activity in 6-RM Bench Press
Roland van den Tillaar, Atle Saeterbakken

8. Ground Reaction Force and Valgus Knee Loading during Landing after a Block in Female Volleyball Players
David Zahradnik, Jaroslav Uchytil, Roman Farana, Daniel Jandacka


Effect of Choline Supplementation on Rapid Weight Loss and Biochemical Variables Among Female Taekwondo and Judo Athletes
Gehan Elsawy, Osama Abdelrahman, Amr Hamza

10. Measurement of Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Children from Two Commonly Used Field Tests After Accounting for Body Fatness and Maturity
Michael J. Hamlin, Meegan Fraser, Catherine A. Lizamore, Nick Draper, Jeremy P. Shearman, Nicholas E. Kimber

11. Norms for an Isometric Muscle Endurance Test
Sarah L. Strand, John Hjelm, Todd C. Shoepe, Marie A. Fajardo

12. Adrenergic Response to Maximum Exercise of Trained Road Cyclists
Grażyna Janikowska, Aleksandra Kochańska - Dziurowicz, Aleksandra Żebrowska, Aleksandra Bijak, Magdalena Kimsa


13. Physical Determinants of Interval Sprint Times in Youth Soccer Players
William E. Amonette, Denham Brown, Terry L. Dupler, Junhai Xu, James J. Tufano, John K. De Witt

14. Short-Term Performance Effects of Three Different Low-Volume Strength-Training Programmes in College Male Soccer Players
Joao Brito, Fabrício Vasconcellos, JoseOliveira, Peter Krustrup, Antonio Rebelo

Chronic Effects of Different Resistance Training Exercise Orders on Flexibility in Elite Judo Athletes
Alam R. Saraiva, Victor M. Reis, Pablo B. Costa, Claudio M. Bentes, Gabriel V. Costa e Silva, Jefferson S. Novaes

Relationship Between Repeated Sprint Performance and both Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness
Wajdi Dardouri, Mohamed Amin Selmi, Radhouane Haj Sassi , Zied Gharbi, Ahmed Rebhi, Mohamed Haj Yahmed, Wassim Moalla

17. Profile, Correlation and Structure of Speed in Youth Elite Soccer Players
Malý Tomáš, Zahálka František, Malá Lucia, Teplan Jaroslav

18. The Effect of Active Recovery on Power Performance During the Bench Press Exercise
Felipe A. S. Lopes, Valéria L. G. Panissa, Ursula F. Julio, Elton M. Menegon, Emerson Franchini

19. Swimming Stroke Mechanical Efficiency and Physiological Responses of 100-m Backstroke with and without the use of paddles
Spilios Messinis, Nikos Beidaris, Spyros Messinis, Helen Soultanakis, Petros Botonis, Theodoros Platanou

20. Somatotype of Top-Level Serbian Rhythmic Gymnasts
Tijana Purenović-Ivanović, Ruzena Popović

Relationship Between Performance Characteristics and the Selection Process in Youth Soccer Players
Carlos Lago-Peńas, Ezequiel Rey, Luis Casáis, Maite Gómez-López

Importance of Muscle Power Variables in Repeated and Single Sprint Performance in Soccer Players
Manuel López-Segovia, Alexander Dellal , Karim Chamari, Juan José González-Badillo

Inter-individual Variability in Soccer Players of Different Age Groups Playing Different Positions
Pantelis Nikolaidis, Gal Ziv, Ronnie Lidor, Michal Arnon


24. Relationship Between Break-Time Physical Activity, Age, and Sex in a Rural Primary Schools, Wales, UK
Yolanda Escalante, Karianne Backx, Jose M. Saavedra

25. The Elements of Executive Attention in Top Soccer Referees and Assistant Referees
Przemysław Pietraszewski, Robert Roczniok, Anna Maszczyk, Paweł Grycmann, Tomasz Roleder, Arkadiusz Stanula, Olga Fidos - Czuba, Marcin Ponczek

Can Achievement Goals be Primed in Competitive Tasks?
Iain Greenlees, Sean Figgins, Philip Kearney

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