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1. Qiang Zhang, Shao-Pei Yu, Dong-Sheng Zhou and Xiao-Peng Wei
An Efficient method of key-frame extraction based on a cluster algorithm

2. Gavin L. Moir, Bruce W. Graham, Shala E. Davis, John J. Guers, Chad A. Witmer
Effect of cluster set configurations on mechanical variables during the deadlift exercise

3. Jonathan Sinclair, Paul John Taylor and Sarah Jane Hobbs
Digital filtering of three-dimensional lower extremity kinematics: an assessment

4. Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani, Eleftherios Kellis
Static vs. Dynamic Acute Stretching Effect on Quadriceps Muscle Activity during Soccer Instep Kicking

5. Bulent Yapicioglu, Muzaffer Colakoglu, Zafer Colakoglu, Halil Gulluoglu, Fikret Bademkiran, Ozgur Ozkaya
Effects of a dynamic warm-up, static stretching or static stretching with tendon vibration on vertical jump performance and EMG responses

6. Shuyang Han, Shirong Ge, Hongtao Liu, Rong Liu
Alterations in Three-dimensional Knee Kinematics and Kinetics during Neutral, Squeeze and Outward Squat

7. Eva Janurová, Miroslav Janura, Lee Cabell, Zdeněk Svoboda, Ivan Vařeka, Milan Elfmark
Kinematic chains in ski jumping in-run posture

8. Ronald L. Snarr, Michael R. Esco
Electromyographic comparison of traditional and suspension push-ups


9. Andrew A. Flatt, Michael R. Esco
Validity of the ithlete smart phone application for determining ultra-short-term heart rate variability

10. José M. Muyor
Exercise intensity and validity of the ratings of perceived exertion (Borg and OMNI scales) in an indoor cycling session

11. Czuba Miłosz, Zając Adam, Maszczyk Adam, Roczniok Robert, Poprzęcki Stanisław, Garbaciak Wiesław, Zając Tomasz
The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training in Normobaric Hypoxia on Aerobic Capacity in Basketball Players

12. Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Nader Rahnama, Abdul Halim Mokhtar and Ashril Yusof
Effectiveness of Injury Prevention Programs on Developing Quadriceps and Hamstrings Strength of Young Male Professional Soccer Players

13. Wanda Pilch, Ilona Pokora, Zbigniew Szyguła, Tomasz Pałka, Paweł Pilch, Tomasz Cisoń, Lesław Malik, Szczepan Wiecha
Effect of A Single Finnish Sauna Session on White Blood Cell Profile and Cortisol Levels in Athletes and Non-Athletes

14. Piotr Gronek, Joanna Holdys, Jakub Kryściak, Daniel Stanisławski
CKM gene G (NcoI-) allele has a positive effect on maximal oxygen uptake in Caucasian women practicing sports requiring aerobic and anaerobic exercise metabolism


15. Christopher J. Sole, Gavin L. Moir, Shala E. Davis, Chad A. Witmer
Mechanical analysis of the acute effects of a heavy resistance exercise warm-up on agility performance in court-sport athletes

16. Mário C. Marques, Ana Pereira, Ivan G. Reis, Roland van den Tillaar
Does an in-season 6-week combined sprint and jump training program improve strength-speed abilities and kicking performance in young soccer players?

17. Loudovikos Dimitrios Liossis,Jacky Forsyth, Ceorge Liossis,Charilaos Tsolakis
The acute effect of upper-body complex training on power output of martial art athletes as measured by the bench press throw exercise

18. Nuno Romano, José Vilaça-Alves, Helder M. Fernandes, Francisco Saavedra, Gabriel Paz, Humberto Miranda, Roberto Simao, Jefferson Novaes, Victor Reis
Effects of resistance exercise order on the number of repetitions performed to failure and perceived exertion in untrained young males

19. Ana Conceiçao; António J. Silva; José Boaventura; Daniel A. Marinho; Hugo Louro
Wave characteristics in breaststroke technique with and without snorkel use

20. Mona Mohamed Kamal Hijazi
Attention, visual perception and their relationship to sport performance in fencing

21. Jorge E Morais, Nuno D Garrido, Mário C Marques, António J Silva, Daniel A Marinho, Tiago M Barbosa
The influence of anthropometric, kinematic and energetic variables and gender on swimming performance in youth athletes

22. Hamid Ghobadi, Hamid Rajabi, Babak Farzad, Mahdi Bayati, Ian Jeffreys
Anthropometry of world-class elite handball players according to the playing position: Reports from Men's Handball World Championship 2013


23. Francisco M. Leo, Pedro A. Sánchez-Miguel, David Sánchez-Oliva, Diana Amado, Tomás García-Calvo
Analysis of cohesion and collective efficacy profiles for the performance of soccer players

24. Małgorzata Siekanska, Jan Blecharz, Agnieszka Wojtowicz
The athlete's perception of coaches’ behavior towards competitors with a different sports level

25. Maria A. Fernandez-Villarino,Marta Bobo-Arce,Elena Sierra-Palmeiro
Practical skills of rhythmic gymnastics judges

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