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Volume 36

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Volume 36/2013


1. Slobodan Jaric, Mehmet Uygur
Assessment of hand function through the coordination of contact forces in manipulation tasks

2. Márk Váczi, József Tollár, Balázs Meszler, Ivett Juhász, István Karsai
Short-term high intensity plyometric training program improves strength, power and agility in male soccer players

3. Yoshimitsu Kohmura, Shigeki Murakami, Kazuhiro Aoki
Effect of Yellow-Tinted Lenses on Visual Attributes Related to Sports Activities

4. Mateusz Rynkiewicz, Tadeusz Rynkiewicz, Włodzimierz Starosta
Asymmetry of spinal segments mobility in canoeists and its relationship with racing speed

5. Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Nader Rahnama, Abdul Halim Mokhtar and Ashril Yusof
Bilateral and Unilateral Asymmetries of Isokinetic Strength and Flexibility in Male Young Professional Soccer Players


6. Eero Haapala
Cardiorespiratory fitness and motor skills in relation to cognition and academic performance in children - a review

7. Sung-min Ha, Heon-seock Cynn, Oh-yun Kwon, Kyue-nam Park, Kyung-Mo Kim
Reliability of Electromyographic Normalization Methods for the Infraspinatus Muscle in Healthy Subjects


8. Diego Augusto Santos Silva, Edio Luiz Petroski, Adroaldo Cesar Araujo Gaya
Anthropometric and physical fitness differences among Brazilian adolescents who practise different team court sports

9. Roberto Cejuela, Antonio Cala, José A. Pérez-Turpin, José G. Villa Juan M. Cortell, Juan J. Chinchilla
Temporal activity in particular segments and transitions in the Olympic Triathlon

10. Carlos Humberto Almeida, António Paulo Ferreira, Anna Volossovitch
Offensive sequences in youth soccer: Effects of experience and small-sided games

11. Artur Magiera, Robert Roczniok, Adam Maszczyk, Miłosz Czuba, Joanna Kantyka, Piotr Kurek
The structure of performance of a sport rock climber

12. Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández, Carlos M? Tejero-González, Juan del Campo-Vecino, Dionisio Alonso-Curiel
The effects of a maximal power training cycle on the strength, maximum power, vertical jump height and acceleration of high-level 400-meter hurdles

13. Antônio Claudio Souza, Claudio Melibeu Bentes, Belmiro Freitas de Salles, Victor Machado Reis, José Vilaça, Humberto Miranda, Jefferson da Silva Novaes
Influence of inter-set stretching on strength, flexibility and hormonal adaptations

14. Óscar Gutiérrez, José L. Ruiz
Game performance versus competitive performance in the World Championship of handball 2011

15. Maćkała Krzysztof, Antti Mero
A kinematics analysis of three best 100 m performances ever

16. Javier García, Sergio Ibá?ez Raúl Martinez De Santos, Nuno Leite, Jaime Sampaio
Identifying basketball performance indicators in regular season and playoff games


17. Pedro A. Sánchez-Miguel, Francisco M. Leo, David Sánchez-Oliva, Diana Amado, Tomás García-Calvo
The importance of parents' behavior in their children's enjoyment and amotivation in sports

18. Filipe Clemente, Micael Couceiro, Fernando Martins, Gonçalo Dias, Rui Mendes
Interpersonal Dynamics: 1v1 sub-phase at sub-18 football players

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