Journal of Human Kinetics

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Volume 34

Archives > 2012


1. Mark L. Latash
Movements that are Both Variable and Optimal

2. David W. Keeley, Gretchen D. Oliver, Christopher P. Dougherty
A Biomechanical Model Correlating Shoulder Kinetics to Pain in Young Baseball Pitchers

3. Kamenka Živčić-Marković, Goran Sporiš, Ines Čavar, Aleksandra Aleksić-Veljković, Zoran Milanović
Biomechanical Evaluation of Exercises for Performing a Forward Handspring - Case Study

4. Rui Torres, José Alberto Duarte, Jan MH Cabri
An Acute Bout of Quadriceps Muscle Stretching has no Influence on Knee Joint Proprioception

5. F. Javier Rojas, Marcos Gutiérrez-Davila, Manuel Ortega, José Campos, Juan Párraga
Biomechanical Analysis of Anticipation of Elite and Inexperienced Goalkeepers to Distance Shots in Handball

Amr Almaz Abdel-aziem, Walaa Sayed Mohammad
Plantar-flexor Static Stretch Training Effect on Eccentric and Concentric Peak Torque - A comparative Study of Trained versus Untrained Subjects

7. Henryk Król, Władysław Mynarski
A Comparison of Mechanical Parameters Between the Counter Movement Jump and Drop Jump in Biathletes


8. Suleyman Patlar, Hasan Yalçin, Ekrem Boyali
The Effect of Glycerol Supplements on Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance of Athletes and Sedentary Subjects

9. Aleksandra Żebrowska, Dorota Żyła, Damian Kania, Józef Langfort
Anaerobic and Aerobic Performance of Elite Female and Male Snowboarders


10. K. Babel Copaver, C. Hertogh, O. Hue
Sprint Performance Changes and Determinants in Afro-Caribbean Adolescents Between 13 and 15 Years Old

11. José Manuel Palao, David Valades, Enrique Ortega
Match Duration and Number of Rallies in Men´s and Women´s 2000-2010 FIVB World Tour Beach Volleyball

12. Claudio Melibeu Bentes, Roberto Simao, Travis Bunker, Matthew R. Rhea, Humberto Miranda, Thiago Matassoli Gomes, Jefferson Da Silva Novaes
Acute Effects of Dropsets Among Different Resistance Training Methods in Upper Body Performance

13. Daniel López-Plaza, Fernando Alacid, Pedro A. López-Minarro, José M. Muyor
The Influence of Different Hand Paddle Size on 100-m Front Crawl Kinematics


14. Carla Chicau Borrego, Luis Cid, Carlos Silva
Relationship Between Group Cohesion and Anxiety in Soccer

15. Francisco Miguel Leo Marcos, Pedro Antonio Sánchez-Miguel, David Sánchez-Oliva, Diana Amado Alonso1, Tomás García-Calvo
Evolution of Perceived Cohesion and Efficacy over the Season and their Relation to Success Expectations in Soccer Teams

16. Erkut Konter
Leadership Power Perceptions of Soccer Coaches and Soccer Players According to Their Education

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