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Volume 33

Archives > 2012


1. A. P. Baffa1, L. R. Felicio, M. C. Saad, M. H. Nogueira-Barbosa, A. C. Santos, D. Bevilaqua-Grossi
Quantitative MRI of Vastus Medialis, Vastus Lateralis and Gluteus Medius Muscle Workload after Squat Exercise: Comparison Between Squatting with Hip Adduction and Hip Abduction

2. Ricardo J. Fernandes, J. Ribeiro, P. Figueiredo, L. Seifert, J.P. Vilas-Boas
Kinematics of The Hip and Body Center of Mass in Front Crawl

3. Andrew W. Smith, Franciska F. Ulmer, Del P. Wong
Gender Differences in Postural Stability Among Children

4. Thomas Heinen, Damian Jeraj, Pia M. Vinken, Konstantinos Velentzas
Rotational Preference in Gymnastics

5. Ruperto Menayo Antúnez, Francisco Javier Moreno Hernández, Juan Pedro Fuentes García, Raúl Reina Vaíllo, Jesús Sebastián Damas Arroyo
Relationship Between Motor Variability, Accuracy, and Ball Speed in the Tennis Serve

Maria L. Novais, António J. Silva, Vishveshwar R. Mantha, Rui J. Ramos, Abel I. Rouboa, J. Paulo Vilas-Boas, Sérgio R. Luís, Daniel A. Marinho
The Effect of Depth on Drag During the Streamlined Glide: A Three-Dimensional CFD Analysis

7. Roy T.H. Cheung, Andrew W. Smith, Del P. Wong
H:Q Ratios and Bilateral Leg Strength in College Field and Court Sports Players


8. Nurtekin Erkmen, Sibel Suveren, A. Salim Göktepe
Effects of Exercise Continued Until Anaerobic Threshold on Balance Performance in Male Basketball Players

9. Krzysztof Krzemiński, Wiesława Pawłowska-Jenerowicz
The Relationships Between Plasma Adrenomedullin and Endothelin-1 Concentrations and Doppler Echocardiographic Indices of Left Ventricular Function During Static Exercise in Healthy Men

10. Mark ET Willems, Chris W Sallis, Jonathan A Haskell
Effects of multi-ingredient supplementation on resistance training in young males


11. Aguiar, Marco, Botelho, Goreti, Lago, Carlos, Maças, Victor, Sampaio, Jaime
A Review on the Effects of Soccer Small-Sided Games

12. Paulo Gil da Costa Mendes de Salles, Fabrício Vieira do Amaral Vasconcellos, Gil Fernando da Costa Mendes de Salles, Renato Tavares Fonseca, Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas
Validity and Reproducibility of the Sargent Jump Test in the Assessment of Explosive Strength in Soccer Players

13. Mustafa Sö?üt, Sadettin Kirazc?, Feza Korkusuz
The Effects of Rhythm Training on Tennis Performance

14. Chandra Lingesh Sukalinggam, Gabriel Lingesh Sukalinggam, Fajar Kasim, Ashril Yusof
Stability Ball Training on Lower Back Strength has Greater Effect in Untrained Female Compared to Male

15. Mehmet Kutlu, Hakan Yapici, Oguzhan Yoncalik, Serkan Celik
Comparison of a New Test For Agility and Skill in Soccer With Other Agility Tests


16. Ngien-Siong Chin, Selina Khoo, Wah-Yun Low
Self-Determination and Goal Orientation in Track and Field

17. Erkut Konter, Johan Ng
Development of Sport Courage Scale

18. Weina Liu, Chenglin Zhou, Liu Ji, Jack C Watson II
The Effect of Goal Setting Difficulty on Serving Success in Table Tennis and the Mediating Mechanism of Self-regulation

19. Erdal Binboga, Senol Guven, Fatih Çatikkas, Onur Beyazit, Serdar Tok
Psychophysiological Responses to Competition and the Big Five Personality Traits

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