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Volume 31

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1.Valerie Power, Amanda M. Clifford
The Effects of Rearfoot Position on Lower Limb Kinematics during Bilateral Squatting in Asymptomatic Individuals with a Pronated Foot Type

2. Ashley C. Routen, Dominic Upton, Martin G. Edwards, Derek M. Peters
Intra- and Inter-Instrument Reliability of the Actiwatch 4 Accelerometer in a Mechanical Laboratory Setting

3. Vassilis Gerodimos
Reliability of Handgrip Strength Test in Basketball Players

4. Isaac Estevan, Coral Falco, Octavio Álvarez, Javier Molina-García
Effect of Olympic Weight Category on Performance in the Roundhouse Kick to the Head in Taekwondo

5. Jing-guang Qian, Yang Su, Ya-wei Song, Ye Qiang, Songning Zhang
A Comparison of a Multi-body Model and 3D Kinematics and EMG ofDouble-leg Circle on Pommel Horse

Gianna C. Ligouri, Todd C. Shoepe, Hawley C. Almstedt
Whole Body Vibration Training is Osteogenic at the Spine in College-Age Men and Women

7. Pedro A. López-Mi?arro, José M. Muyor, Felipe Belmonte,Fernando Alacid
Acute Effects of Hamstring Stretching on Sagittal Spinal Curvatures and Pelvic Tilt


8. Ewelina Smol, Artur Fredyk
Supplementary Low-Intensity Aerobic Training Improves Aerobic Capacity and Does Not Affect Psychomotor Performance in Professional Female Ballet Dancers

9. Yusuf Köklü
A Comparison Of Physiological Responses To Various Intermittent And Continuous Small-Sided Games In Young Soccer Players

10. Michael J. Hamlin, Nick. Draper, Gavin Blackwell, Jeremy P. Shearman, Nicholas E. Kimber
Determination of Maximal Oxygen Uptake Using the Bruce or a Novel Athlete-Led Protocol in a Mixed Population

11. Kayla B. Hindle, Tyler J. Whitcomb, Wyatt O. Briggs, Junggi Hong
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF): Its Mechanisms and Effects on Range of Motion and Muscular Function

12. A. Maciejewska-Karłowska, A. Leońska-Duniec, P. Cięszczyk, M. Sawczuk, J. Eider, K. Ficek , S. Sawczyn
The GABPB1 gene A/G polymorphism in Polish rowers


13. Ezequiel Rey, Carlos Lago-Pe?as, Luis Casáis, Joaquín Lago-Ballesteros
The Effect of Immediate Post-Training Active and Passive Recovery Interventions on Anaerobic Performance and Lower Limb Flexibility in Professional Soccer Players

14. Nadja Podmenik, Bojan Leskošek, Frane Erčulj
The Effect of Introducing a Smaller and Lighter Basketball on Female Basketball Players' Shot Accuracy

15. Julen Castellano, David Casamichana, Carlos Lago
The Use of Match Statistics that Discriminate Between Successful and Unsuccessful Soccer Teams

16. Utku Alemdaro?lu
The Relationship Between Muscle Strength, Anaerobic Performance, Agility, Sprint Ability and Vertical Jump Performance in Professional Basketball Players

17. Niyazi Eniseler, Ça?atay Şahan, Hikmet Vurgun, Hasan Fehmi Mavi
Isokinetic Strength Responses to Season-long Training and Competition in Turkish Elite Soccer Players

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