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Volume 25

Archives > 2010


1. Klaus Blischke, Florian Wagner, Barbara Zehren, Sebastian Brueckner
Dual-task Practice of Temporally Structured Movement Sequences Augments Integrated Task Processing, but not Automatization

2. Junggi Hong, Mayachela T. Velez, Abraham M. Moland, Jeff A. Sullivan
Acute Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Shoulder Muscular Strength and Joint Position Sense

3. Maryam Nourshahi, Fatemeh Alirezaei, Farid Bahrpeym
Contribution of Peripheral and Central Fatigue in Different Conditions (Gender and Time of Day Differences)

4. Janusz Maciaszek
Muscle Strength and Aerobic Endurance as Factors Differentiating Falling and Non-Falling Men over 70 Years


5. Nasim Habibzadeh, Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Hassan Daneshmandi
Is Walking Exercise a Protective Factor for Osteoporosis in Young Obese Women?

6. Anna Skarpańska – Stejnborn, Łucja Pilaczyńska – Szcześniak, Piotr Basta, Justyna Foriasz, Jarosław Arlet
Effects of Supplementation with Neptune Krill Oil (Euphasia Superba) on Selected Redox Parameters and Pro-Inflammatory Markers in Athletes during Exhaustive Exercise

7. Rouholah Fatemi, Mohsen Ghanbarzadeh
Assessment of Air Way Resistance Indexes and Exercise-Induced Asthma after a Single Session of Submaximal Incremental Aerobic Exercise

8. Adam Zając, Miłosz Czuba, Stanisław Poprzecki, Zbigniew Waśkiewicz, Jarosław Cholewa, Jan Pilch, Jakub Chycki
Effects of Growth Hormone Therapy and Physical Exercise on Anaerobic and Aerobic Power, Body Composition, Lipoprotein Profile in Middle Aged Men


9. Magdalena Krzykała
Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry in Morphological Asymmetry Assessment among Field Hockey Players

10. Joaquin Lago-Ballesteros, Carlos Lago-Pen~as
Performance in Team Sports: Identifying the Keys to Success in Soccer

11. Carlos Lago-Pen~as, Alexandre Dellal
Ball Possession Strategies in Elite Soccer According to the Evolution of the Match-Score: the Influence of Situational Variables

12. Krzysztof Maćkała, Ryszard Michalski, Milan Ćoh
Asymmetry of Step Length in Relationship to Leg Strength in 200 meters Sprint of different Performance Levels

13. Leyla Tavacioglu, Kaan Kora, Erkut Oya Atilgan, Canan Savran
Assessment of Demographic and Personality Characteristics of Elite Dancers in Turkey

14. Elvin Onarici Güngör, Ali OnurCerrah, Halil Orbay Çobanog(lu, Celil Kaçoglu, I.lker Yilmaz
Comparison of Development of Physical Fitness Parameters in different Summer School Programs

15. Marefat Siahkouhian, Meysam Hedayatneja
Correlations of Anthropometric and Body Composition Variables with the Performance of Young Elite Weightlifters


16. Zbigniew Czajkowski
Modern Saber Fencing by Zbigniew Borysiuk published by SKA SwordPlay Books, NYC, Staten Island

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