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Volume 23

Archives > 2010


1. Abbas Meamarbashi, S. Reza Attarzadeh Hossaini
Application of Novel Inertial Technique to Compare the Kinematics and Kinetics of the Legs in the Soccer Instep Kick

2. Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani, Noor Azuan Abu Osman, Ashril Yusof
Kinematics Analysis: Number of Trials Necessary to Achieve Performance Stability during Soccer Instep Kicking

3. Teresa Zwierko, Wiesław Osiński, Wojciech Lubiński, Damian Czepita, Beata Forkiewicz
Speed of Visual Sensorimotor Processes and Conductivity of Visual Pathway in Volleyball Players

4. Abdolhamid Habibi , Mehrzad Shabani , Esmaeil Rahimi, Rouhollah Fatemi, Abdolrahman Najafi, Hossein Analoei, Morad Hosseini
Relationship between Jump Test Results and Acceleration Phase of Sprint Performance in National and Regional 100m Sprinters

5. Janez Vodicar and Bojan Jost
The Factor Structure of Chosen Kinematic Characteristics of Take-Off in Ski Jumping

6. Zdzisław Adach, A. Jaskólska, A. Jaskólski
Similar Results in Force-Velocity Test in Disabled Weight Lifters and Able-Bodied Physically Fit Students


7. Andrzej T. Klimek
Physiological Background of Muscular Pain During Skiing and Delayed Muscle Soreness after Skiing

8. Rubens César Lucena da Cunha, Márcia de Assunça~o Ferreira, Jane Cléria Pereira Bezerra,
Ialuska Guerra, Estélio Henrique Martin DantasAerobic Capacity of Elderly Women Engaged in Controlled Physical Activity

9. Azra Ahmadi, Masuod Nikbakh, Ali Asghar Arastoo, Abdol-Hamid Habibi
The Effects of a Yoga Intervention on Balance, Speed and Endurance of Walking, Fatigue and Quality of Life in People with Multiple Sclerosis

10. Zbigniew Nowak, Michał Plewa, Małgorzata Skowron, Grażyna Osiadło, Andrzej Markiewicz, Cezary Kucio
Minnesota Leisure Time Physical Activity Questionnaire as an additional Tool in Clinical Assessment of Patients undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Interventions


11. Charilaos Tsolakis & George Vagenas
Anthropometric, Physiological and Performance Characteristics of Elite and Sub-elite Fencers

12. Juan Manuel Cortell-Tormo, José Antonio Pérez-Turpin, Roberto Cejuela-Anta, Juan José Chinchilla-Mira, Michael J. Marfell-Jones
Anthropometric Profile of Male Amateur vs Professional Formula Windsurfs Competing at the 2007 European Championship

13. Robert C. Schneider, William F. Stier Jr., Timothy J. Henry, Gregory E. Wilding
Title IX Compliance in NCAA Athletic Departments: Perceptions of Senior Woman Administrators

14. Niksa Djurovic, Mladen Hraste, Ljubica Stanisic, Mislav Lozovina, Vinko Lozovina, Leo Pavicic
A Unique Case of Supraspinatus Tendonitis after Tennis Forehand Repetitive Motions

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