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Volume 2

Archives > 1999

1. Szopa J., Prus G.
Adaptability of selected motor abilities in boys between 12 and 15 years of age: results of the “training-detraining-retraining”

2. Szopa J., Mleczko E., Żychowska M., Jaworski J., Bujas P.
Possibilities of determination of genetic conditionings of somatic and functional traits on the backgrounds of family studies: the review of results of comparison of five polish populations

3. Witte K., Blaser P.
Using dimention quantities to characterize standard balance

4. Stokłosa H., Raczek J.
EGG and the sense of balance in 12-14 year old boys and girls

5. Waśkiewicz Z., Juras G., Zając A., Raczek J.
The computer supplemented diagnosis of movement rhythm

6. Borodulin-Nadzieja L., Tannhauser J., Buldanczyk A., Jurecka M.
Simple and differential reactions times in children with hearing sense disorders who grow up and develop in various environmental conditions

7. Król H., Bacik B., Mynarski W.
Researching for the objective measure of the movement rate

8. Zając A., Pilis W., Waśkiewicz Z.
The influence of the strength training and age on anaerobic power

9. Sterkowicz S., Żuchowicz A., Kubica R.
Levels of anaerobic and aerobic capacity indices and results for the special fitness test in judo competitors

10. Spieszny M., Żak S.
In search for a model of the champion in the youth handball

11. Stokłosa H., Raczek J.
Ultrasonic assessment of calcaneus bone density and level of motor abilities in girls during adolescence

12. Ryguła I., Cholewa J.
Determination of optimal controls of endurance formation in beginning swimmers

Polemics and discussion

13. Szopa J.
Some critical remarks on the concept of “health-related fitness” against background of polish research conducted over the last ten years


14. Starosta W.
Report from the works of the presidium of the international association of Sport Kinetics during years 1997-1999

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